Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Those who are willing...
                                    To research new and old, close and far, big and small    COMICS artists, projects,      
                                    To find, contact, discuss with, ship and receive art from the good folks who will
                                     To take on responsibilities as a team mate, collaborator, essentially a partner
                                     To seek out new locations that the Box Social events/Comics show/ parties could
                                      take place at
                                     To hang work and then take it back down when the show ends
                                     To send work back to contributors
  .... I will require your services to make a second Box Social as good as the first one we did back in 2007 at the Secret Project Robot site in Williamsburg.   I want this one to surpass that one.  The art was great and the event was great.  Such fun to be had.

 If you wish to discuss all this with me, contact me at     JASON ESTRIN

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